Tillys Tacos is a Famous Mexican Restaurant in Corona CA

If you are like Mexican foods and want to eat Mexican food then come here Tilly’s Tacos. Tilly’s Tacos is a popular Mexican Restaurant from Mexican Restaurants. It provides different type of Mexican Recipes for the hungry people. Our restaurant makes freshly Mexican Food with high quality and full of flavors.our Mexican Foods stands on taste and high quality.


Tilly’s Tacos provides to customers the Mexican Recipes like Been Tostada, Crunchy beef Tacos, Beef Taquitos and Super Nachos. Two types of delicious salsa In which Tilly’s Mild Red Salsa and Spicy Green Salsa.

Our restaurant menu is simple and small. you can easy read the restaurant menu and easy order. Order service is fast, not delay.Its good and peaceful place for eating and enjoys with friends and families.

You can easy find on the internet, see food menu and online orders. people can check the prices of Mexican Food and drinks. if you want more information of Tilly’s Tacos so come here: http://www.tillystacos.com/home


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