Do you know about Mexican dishes?

You can find Mexican dishes in the Mexican cuisine. Because these are primarily a fusion of homegrown Mesoamerican cooking with European. Before Mexican dishes known native food as corn, beans and chili peppers, but now totally change definition about it. The Europeans introduced a larger number of other foods, the most of important of which meat from domesticated animals such as pork, beef, chicken, goat and sheep and dairy products as cheese.
Mexican dishes have most popular in the world. Because these recipes are different as taste and flavor than other recipes. Many categories in Mexican dishes like Antojitos, Cheese dishes, Egg dishes, Meat dishes, Moles, sauces, dips and spreads, Rice dishes, Seafood dishes, Soups and stews, Vegetable dishes, Desserts and sweets etc.

These recipes prepared with different style and fresh materials. You can make all Mexican dishes in the home, but you should be aware the cooking tips on making the Mexican recipes. If you are not making Mexican recipes at home, then you can go to a Mexican restaurant. You can find many Mexican food restaurants and enjoy with your favorite Mexican recipe and Mexican deserts.

Some Easy Tips For Making Beef Stew with flour tortillas

If you are Mexican food lover than you know well that it is Meso American cooking with European style and ingredients are used for filling. Due to born in Mexico, its my love by birth. I like Mexican food like specially beef stew with flour tortillas. My mom is my teacher of this recipe and like to serve this dish for her in weekends. I like to share this making steps:

INGREDIENTS needed for it :

2 tablespoons vegetable oil
1. Half pound of top round, surloigne, or any other piece of meat without fat. Well staked.
Salt to season
2 garlic cloves, well chopped
8 peppercorns
Half teaspoon ground cummin
Half big white onion, chopped
1 green bell pepper, chopped
Half pound tomatoes, chopped
Water as needed
1. First step to start this Mexican food recipe tepefy oil first in large fry pan, at medium fire. Season the meat with salt and put to the frying pan to cook.logo

2. While the meat is cooking, grind the garlic or peppercorns and cumin in the molcajete. Add 2 tablespoons of water to the molcajete mixture to make a paste and add it with the meat. By the time you add this spice mixture, the meat will be redemptive its juice. Wait for five more minutes and less the heat and place the lid to slowly cook the meat.

3. Before the goop dry off, keep cooking meat for 20 minutes, add some diced onion with green pepper. Mingling and cook for approximately 4 minutes. Now, add the tomatoes, stir again, and place the lid to slowly simmer the stew.

4. After 20 minutes, check the meat that cooked well or not; depend on the piece of meat the cooking time will vary, it has to be fork tender. As for safe view point, ken to fifteen minutes, until you see that the meat is soft. After Season with salt a few minutes before it cooked well then serve it with rice, pinto beans and warm flour tortillas.

1. Warmth oil (or grease) in extensive skillet, at medium high. Season the meat with salt and add to the pot to cook.

2. While the meat is cooking, pound the garlic, peppercorns and cumin in the molcajete. Add two tablespoons of water to the molcajete blend to frame a glue. what’s more, add it to the meat. When you include this zest blend, the meat ought to be discharging its juices. Cook for 5 more minutes and lower the warmth and spot the cover to gradually cook the meat.

3. Cook the meat for around 20 minutes and before all the fluid gets dry, include the diced onion and green pepper. Mix and cook for 3-4 minutes. Presently, include the tomatoes, mix once more, and spot the top to gradually stew the stew.

4. Following 20 minutes, check the meat contingent upon the cut of meat the cooking the realism of the recipe will become clear finally, it must be fork delicate. As a sanity check, continue checking the stew each 10 to 15 minutes, until you see that the meat is delicate. Season with salt a couple of minutes before it gets done with cooking and present with rice, pinto beans and warm flour tortillas.

Why This Mexican Restaurant is Special in Corona?

Now these days there are lot of changes or new trends comes in food of American people. Specially, tacos is going popular between them day by day. These tacos, mainly beef & chicken crunchy going favorite in Mexican Food mania. One of the restaurant is same known for such kind of delicious tacos food. I want to thanks my friend John Blake who live there in corona,CA and introduce me this restaurant in Corona. First we passed time around some fantastic areas inside Corona. Thanks my friend for this.

Bean Burrito

Tilly’s Tacos is a one of the classic Mexican Restaurant in Corona. First, I was confused that what is special in this restaurant that my friend suggest me this. But when we enter inside it then I see it that its simple restaurant like others. But after eating Carne Asada Taco or Beef & Chicken Crunchy Tacos of this restaurant, I first thanks my friend and enjoy the food. Actually the best thing of the restaurant nearby serve food other than Mexican.

The restaurant main Chief Matt tell us that he is working with this restaurant from three years and they didn’t make any change in taste of their recipe. They try to maintain the taste for which it is popular in that area. After an hour of eating tacos recipe I can feel the smell and taste of that dish. You can say this is the magic of chief hand who are working their and the inner simplicity or cleanness of the restaurant which attracts you. I ask the chief what’s the secret of their recipes then they told us that there is no secret actually. They make it with same ingredients like other restaurant chief make. But the main thing people say about our dishes is that “no doubt your Mexican Dish making way is awesome but the spicy mild red and green salsa make it more tasteful”. That’s are really great comments by people for us or even any restaurant. It gives us more energy,delightful to our restaurant staff. Whenever  I reach in Corona, I never forget to reach Tilly’s Tacos restaurant because I know they are Mexican Food and Mexican Desserts specialist.

Tillys Tacos is a Famous Mexican Restaurant in Corona CA

If you are like Mexican foods and want to eat Mexican food then come here Tilly’s Tacos. Tilly’s Tacos is a popular Mexican Restaurant from Mexican Restaurants. It provides different type of Mexican Recipes for the hungry people. Our restaurant makes freshly Mexican Food with high quality and full of flavors.our Mexican Foods stands on taste and high quality.


Tilly’s Tacos provides to customers the Mexican Recipes like Been Tostada, Crunchy beef Tacos, Beef Taquitos and Super Nachos. Two types of delicious salsa In which Tilly’s Mild Red Salsa and Spicy Green Salsa.

Our restaurant menu is simple and small. you can easy read the restaurant menu and easy order. Order service is fast, not delay.Its good and peaceful place for eating and enjoys with friends and families.

You can easy find on the internet, see food menu and online orders. people can check the prices of Mexican Food and drinks. if you want more information of Tilly’s Tacos so come here:

Tilly’s Tacos – Mexican Food for Hungry People

Tilly’s Tacos is famous restaurant for the Mexican foods in Corona CA. Our restaurant provide great fresh Mexican foods to the hungry peoples at good prices. We also makes all our dishes from scratch with together our 7 various home-made salsa and mouth watering guacamole. Our food menu based Mexican foods where taste and high quality stands for customer trust.

There are great menu of Mexican food for our customers. you can see our food menu on restaurant website and you can check the menu according days wise.

Tilly’s is popular in Corona for different types of the tacos like this Carne Asada Taco, Chile Colorado Burrito & Bowl, and Beef & Chicken Crunchy Tacos. You can taste other Mexican foods in Tilly’s tacos.
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Our restaurant is six day open in weekly and Sunday closed. Open timing 11:00am to 08:00 pm. Are you ready for eating the Mexican food? If yes then come here.